Frequent Questions

My device says it CANNOT PARSE THE FILE

This is NOTHING to worry about!

Please use a file manager to open the file such as Astro - You can download it here: ASTRO



Be sure you have checked this in your system settings (you can uncheck it after your install the app)

Once you’ve gotten it on your phone you need to find it! That’s where a file manager application comes in.

Applications such as Andro Zip and Astro in The Market are the most famous, but any other applications that allow you to browse the files on your phone will suffice. Once you’ve got the file manager up and running all you need to do is select the apk file you’re trying to install.

While the different sub menus may be different, you should be prompted to install the app (in Andro Zip just clicking it will give you the option to install, Astro requires you to press one or two things before getting there).

Boom! Your app is installed!



Activation Code Issues

Please ensure you check you Junk or Spam folder for the Activation Code eMail.

If you still can't get the activation code to  work, please use our contact form on the menu above and let us check on it for you.

My App shows no listings!

GPS Must be activated in order to show listings. Ensure your GPS is activated and has a strong signal,  and try again.

App works fine but is Laggy when showing large numbers of locations.

It's best to avaoid glaobal or state level searches on older phones. Get a better Phone  :0)

My Lodges isn't listed, or has incorrect information

We get the information directly from Moose International. Please use our easy contact form and let us know what is misssing or needs updated. Please let us be the intermediary when there are information issues.

If I buy a new phone and install the app. Will it be licensed for that phone as well?

No. The activation code that the customer enters for an application is forever tied to the phones unique device id. That is, if the you buy a new phone and try to activate the application using the same code, it will not work.

App downloaded as a zip file: help, can't install!

Sometimes Apps come in a zip, and once unzipped are not in apk format.

For example, after being unzipped will usually include the following:

android manifest.xml
a 'Meta-INF' folder
a 'res' folder
and a 'lib' folder

These folders are the typical folders found in an apk file. Actually, all you have to do in this case is to just rename the myfile.zip file to myfile.apk without unzipping it and it should work.

It works for me all the time.

Why don't we use the Android Market to deliver our Apps?

The Android Market is designed for people who want to deliver their apps to the World, we are reaching a select organization, not to mention they take 30% of the proceeds right off the top!